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We are excited that you have chosen Schreiner University to pursue your education.  The Center for Advising and Career Development has many new initiatives and resources to help you transition to the civilian workforce.  There are many employers who are looking for candidates just like you! Along with our targeted programming and career fairs, we also have a career advisor to assisting you throughout your professional endeavors!

The Center for Advising and Career Development is here to help you with:

One-on-One Career Advising  Resume and Cover Letter Support  LinkedIn and Networking Assistance  Interview Preparation  Job & Internship Search …and more! Check out our resource library for the full volume of support offered. Schedule an Appointment Today!
  • Schreiner Institute History
    Schreiner University has provided military instruction and programming to its students for nearly 100 years. When Schreiner Institute first opened its doors, it served 95 young men from the Texas Hill Country and a few from surrounding states. These students were faced with the challenge of not only participating in the routine of academic programs, but they also learned military drills, bearing, and discipline through a strictly enforced regimen. These students began their days with a morning workout, followed by an inspection of their living quarters, and then spent the next 6 to 7 hours in a classroom where they were challenged (four square) mentally. Following their time in the classroom, they spent an hour conducting close-order drill 3 days a week. After performing drill, students would have a brief amount of time to relax and eat before conducting a nightly study hall. By no later than 9:45 pm they would be in their beds in order to rest up for the next day’s events.
  • Schreiner Institute Today
    What originally started out as Schreiner Institute has emerged to become a modern university. Although military instruction is not required as a core component to the curriculum, Schreiner University still offers programming in line with military tradition, such as Military Academy Preparatory School (MAPS) and Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). Today, Schreiner Institute is a program designed to provide comprehensive support and programming for students working to receive a military academy appointment, those who wish to pursue a commission through ROTC, as well as active-duty military and veterans transitioning back into civilian life. The mission of Schreiner University is “to prepare students for meaningful work and purposeful lives in a changing global society.” Schreiner Institute strongly supports the university’s mission through three programs: ROTC, Military Academy Preparatory, and Veteran Resources. Through the services provided in each of these programs, students will be better prepared for meaningful work and purposeful lives in a changing global society.
  • Military Academy Preparatory School (MAPS)
    The Schreiner Institute Military Academy Preparatory School Core Values are Self-Discipline, Integrity, Motivation, Attentive, Productivity, and Service. MAPS inspires and equips leaders of character. The five military academies demand cadet candidates be committed to the ideals of duty and honor to our nation. During our 11-month program, the behavior and character of the cadet candidate will be modified and developed, respectively.   LEARN MORE REQUEST MORE INFORMATION
  • Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)
    We participate in a cross-town agreement with the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) AFROTC Detachment 842.What this means is that students who are interested in participating in Air Force ROTC will be able to do so while also attending Schreiner University. On Tuesdays and Thursdays Schreiner University will provide transportation for students to attend ROTC required activities located at the UTSA campus. These activities include morning physical training as well as afternoon leadership classes. When students are not participating in ROTC events while on the UTSA campus between morning physical training and afternoon classes, they will have access to all available recourses on the UTSA campus.   LEARN MORE REQUEST MORE INFORMATION
  • Veteran Resources
    Schreiner University thanks our veterans for their service to our country. We are also proud to be a Yellow Ribbon school and strive to help our service members, and their dependents complete their degrees and find their next careers quickly and easily. Schreiner Institute strives to provide active duty and veteran students and their dependents resources, certification of their educational programs, as well as general resources and connections to benefits as needed. We have a small lounge for those that commute to campus and are aggressively improving the Schreiner Institute lounge to be a place for veterans commuting to Schreiner a place to relax or study.   LEARN MORE REQUEST MORE INFORMATION


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