Welcome to the Commuter Students Community!

Many Schreiner University students fit the profile of what is known as a “commuter student.” What this means, for our purpose, is a student who lives some distance from campus and must commute to campus for classes. This is different than a student who lives “off-campus” but still very near the campus.


In some cases, students are working full time and choose to live near their job. Other students reside with family members who do not live near campus. And some commuter students are returning to college after being engaged in other activities such as serving in the military or raising children. Whatever your circumstance, Schreiner University is here to help you succeed in your studies and provide a welcoming and supportive environment for you.


Career path exploration, resume reviews, transferable skills identification, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, networking, and practice interviews are just a few of the resources offered to you free of charge as a Schreiner University student or alumni!

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