Computer Science and CIT

Computer Science and CIT

This community is intended to connect Schreiner students and alumni who share a passion for computer science and information technology across a variety of diverse industries. In our world, technology touches everything we do from how we communicate, watch television, even how we drive our cars. Solving real world problems with technology-based solutions rests at the core of Computer Science, resulting in knowledge and skills highly sought after in the job market.

By learning to think critically, analytically, and empirically about computer science and information technology, students in this community will gain fundamental knowledge and practical skills in the design of computer-based systems, as well as demonstrating leadership for a changing profession and world. They will also apply the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom in real-world settings through internships, course projects and a capstone project. Members of the Computer Science and CIT Community will have access to a myriad of pathways in varied careers.

The goal is to expose students to the rigorous intellectual and extensive practical aspects of modern software-intensive computing systems, including game/software development at various levels involving operating systems, database systems, programming languages, networks, security issues, user interfaces, and artificial intelligence. Majoring in Computer Science is a smart and rewarding investment.

This space is intended to a be place for both students and alumni to meet, offer support, and share knowledge of opportunities.


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