Accounting, Finance, Management & Marketing

Accounting, Finance, Management & Marketing

This community is intended to connect Schreiner students and alumni who share a passion for understanding the economy and the disciplines of economics and business across a variety of diverse industries. By learning to think critically, analytically, and empirically about the business, management, finance, accounting, and related fields, students in this community will be better prepared to enter their career of choice upon graduating. In considering the challenges and opportunities of this field, reflecting on its connections to the rest of society, and engaging in meaningful experiential learning opportunities such as internships, members of the Business, Finance & Accounting Community will have access to a myriad of pathways in varied careers. Further, by discovering how nonprofit organizations apply business techniques to address the world’s most serious problems through entrepreneurship, our students and alumni are able to connect the principles of business and finance to serve the public good. This space is intended to a be place for both students and alumni to meet, offer support, and share knowledge of opportunities.


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