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As an Athlete at Schreinar University, you are continuously developing and utilizing transferrable skills which are in high demand by employers today. Whether you are seeking an internship, job shadow opportunity or full-time employment – know how to market your athletic experience to demonstrate the skills and competencies employers are seeking!

Transferable Skills – Sell Your Experience as a Student-Athlete

  • Teamwork. Never underestimate the skill of communication and carrying someone else’s burden. Teamwork shows you are willing to put others before yourself. You understand the importance of collaboration and cooperation, but also take ownership of your own work.
  • Results-oriented focus. You always strive to be the best you and exceed expectations. Your competitive nature will drive you to perform in the workplace.
  • Coachable! This translates into the willingness to learn and adapt. Explain that you are eager to learn how the organization functions. You want to use your skills and knowledge to help the organization achieve its goals. You are able to use constructive criticism and evaluations to better yourself as a professional and individual.
  • Communication skills. Whether it’s with a coach, teammate, trainer, sports information director, professor, or administrator, you have had to learn how to convey your ideas and needs to others. Communication is vital in the workplace.
  • Strong work ethic. Explain your achievements and the steps it took to get there. Show how you have dedicated yourself to your goals.
  • Resiliency.  You welcome challenges. Athletics are not for individuals who want to be comfortable. Through your sport you have willing accepted challenges and have worked to overcome trials and adversities. Whether it’s an injury, practice, or other obstacle, athletics has taught you how to turn challenges into opportunities for personal growth.
  • Time management. Describe your schedule in quantifiable terms. Explain the number of hours you dedicated to each and how you handled the balancing act of life as a student-athlete. You understand how to handle multiple things at a time and meet necessary deadlines. In the workplace, you will have many responsibilities and time management is one of your biggest assets.
  • Critical thinking. No sport is mindless. You have had to critically evaluate each move you have made and every race/game you have finished in order to better yourself. Speak to how you used problem-solving skills in your sport whether it was making a play or if readjusting when something went wrong. Use your experience and describe how this will translate into the professional world.
  • Accountability. Through your sport, you have learned each individual is responsible for him/herself. Your sport is what you have made it. Your coaches and teammates can encourage you, but at the end of the day, your performance is your own.
  • Mentally tough. You have acquired the ability to perform under pressure. Every job will have its stressors. Explain how you are able to work well with many demands.

“Transferable Skills – Sell Your Experience as a Student-Athlete.” The Georgia


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