Student Employment


Schreiner University typically employs over 400 students each year, through a combination of work-study positions, regular hourly jobs, research asistantships and MOUNTAINEER Internships. Faculty and Staff can request positions by contacting David Reast, Coordinator of Meaningful Work. Positions are usually funded through Federal Work-Study or Institutional Work-Study awards, but students can also be compensated through grants, scholarships, and other awards. Jobs are posted and students apply through HANDSHAKE.


Work-Study Positions

  • Open to Schreiner students and funded through either Federal Work-Study or Instituional Work-Study awards. If students have not received a work-study offer in their Financial Aid Package, but believe they may qualify for work-study, please have them contact Financial Services – Financial aid | Schreiner University
  • Students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week.
  • Level I positions start at $10.00/hr., Level II positions pay $11.00/hr., and Level III positions pay $12.00/hr.
  • Fulfills MEANINGFUL WORK Certificate requirement.

Other Types of Positions

  • All Schreiner students are eligible for other jobs that are not part of the work-study program. These positions include Schreiner Ambassadors, Mountaineer Mentors, Research Assistants, Resident Assistants, Lifeguards and others.
  • These positions are usually compensated by means of financial aid, grants or in-kind benefits (like housing and a meal plan for RA’s)
  • Fulfills MEANINGFUL WORK Certificate requirement.
  • NOTE: Campus jobs and paid internships are also available with Chartwells, our campus food services and catering provider. Apply at Careers – Chartwells Higher Ed.

 MOUNTAINEER Internships

  • Open to all full-time Schreiner students.
  • Paid on-campus internship in a department related to academic major (eligible for Federal Work-Study).
  • Typically, one semester, but can be extended an additional semester (10 weeks min.).
  • Students may qualify for a Meaningful Work Experiential Learning Grant.
  • Limited positions available on campus. Contact David Reast for more information.
  • Fulfills MEANINGFUL WORK Certificate requirement.
  • NOTE: Students may also use this program for academic credit (subject to requirements of major/degree plan).


How To Find An On-Campus Job

  1. Go to Handshake and complete your profile. Be sure to upload your resume, as it is required to apply for jobs. If you haven’t logged on before, please register an account with your Schreiner student email.
  2. Upload required documents: Resume, Cover Letter, Letters of Recommendation, and the Work-Study Employment Application form: Schreiner_Work-Study_Employment_Application.pdf
  3. Add Education, Work & Volunteer Experience, Organizations & Extracurriculars, and Skills.
  4. Search for Jobs (upper left corner of your page) and filter by On-campus.
  5. Once a student has a job offer they must attend payroll orientation BEFORE beginning work. Students will be notified by email when they have been added to payroll and are cleared to start work.
  6. Refer any questions to David Reast, Coordinator of Meaningful Work.