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Greetings Parents & Families!

Welcome to the Center for Advising and Career Development! We are looking forward to working with your students.  The Schreiner education is a holistic experience that prepares all students for meaningful work and purposeful lives in a changing global society.  We understand the importance of encouraging your students to make the most of their college experience, so from a career development perspective – we have outlined a few steps/resources for your student to consider:


Whether your student has a good idea of what they want to major in, or no idea at all– the Center for Advising and Career Development is prepared with the tools and resources to help students identify skills, personality and abilities – as related to future professions.

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Guided personality & interest assessments through our FOCUS2 platform
  • Job Shadowing opportunities
  • Assistance in expanding professional network
  • Guidance in navigating on-campus involvement


The Center for Advising and Career Development works in collaboration with faculty and community partners to identify competitive internship opportunities for student’s participation.  We encourage ALL students to perform at least one internship during their time here at Schreiner University. The Center for Advising and Career Development is also equipped with the tools and resources to guide students through developing a resume & cover letter, identifying resources for job opportunities, practicing mock interviews, conducting post-interview follow-ups and negotiating offers. Students are encouraged to speak with the academic advisors to determine if they are eligible to receive course credit for the experience.

View Open Internships

Gain Experience

Employers are seeking a well-rounded candidate – so we encourage students to think about experiential learning, beyond solely internships.  The Center for Advising and Career Development offers a variety of programming to help students gain exposure to their field of interest – whether it's through a work-study job, off campus employment, volunteer opportunities, or traveling abroad.


The Center for Advising and Career Development encourages students to research potential career paths – and explore the options available to them.  We want students to have a full understanding of their career options.  Along with numerous online resources – staff, as well as Career Advising Peers (CAP) are available to assist students with conducting career and major exploration!

Career Fairs/Networking

Networking is still the #1 way that students find jobs and internships.  Schreiner University provides students and alumni with various opportunities for expanding their professional network. Events include career fairs, graduate school fairs, our Community Internship Program, the Annual Etiquette Dinner and much more.  We also encourage students to utilize and engage within our continuously growing Schreiner University Former Students Association!

Start Early

We ask you to please encourage your student to start thinking about their next step the moment they arrive on campus. We want our students to be as prepared as possible for the world of work or future academic pursuits. Studies show college students with academic and career plans:

  • Are less likely to make costly changes in their college education plans and are more likely to graduate on time.
  • Are more confident and satisfied with their choice of an occupation and major area of study.
  • Achieve higher college grades because their decisions about their education path are compatible with and are based on their personal interests, values and abilities.
  • Earn higher incomes in their entry jobs.

Start Exploring Career Paths


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, or FERPA, was designed by the federal government to protect the privacy of educational records. Under this policy, Sacred Heart University officials are not permitted to give any information to a third party, including a student’s parents or guardians about academic progress, personal development, or disciplinary matters.

However, it is often the student’s wish that information be released to a parent or other designated officials. This form indicates that Sacred Heart University is authorized to reach out to the designated parent or official as an additional means of support for the student. If a student wishes to allow this outreach, this consent form must be filled out and submitted.  Please contact the Registrar's Office at to obtain a copy of this form.

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