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The Center for Advising and Career Development at Schreiner University is excited to work with you to transition from campus to career. Studies show, those students who take advantage of their career center, early on – reported greater satisfaction in their choice of profession. We want you to not only be prepared – but to stand out!

The Center for Advising and Career Development is here to help you with….

One-on-One Career Advising  Choosing a Major  Career Exploration  Career Planning  Resume and Cover Letter Support  LinkedIn and Networking Assistance  Interview Preparation  Job & Internship Search  Graduate School Guidance  Mentorship  Job Shadowing

…and more! Check out our resource library for the full volume of support offered.

Wondering where to begin?

Start with your Four Year Career Plan to plan for the future.
Four Year Career Plan

Purposeful Lives with Stephani Shumaker in Europe

Stephani Shumaker (Public Health) took trips to London, Paris & Taize, France, the Dominican Republic, Austria, Slovakia & Hungary, and Switzerland & Taize and second time as part of her Schreiner Experience. Watch her video to learn more.

By Chip [uConnect]
Chip [uConnect]
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Job Shadowing: What Is It?

Job Shadowing: What Is It? (thebalancecareers.com)

By David Reast
David Reast Coordinator of Meaningful Work
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Putting Your Picture on a Resume Could Hurt Your Chances of Getting the Job—Here’s Why

You’re all set to refresh your resume (or write a brand new one) as you kick off your job search. As you click around the web searching for a great new resume template, you start noticing that some of them …

By Stav Ziv - The Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions.
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