Mountaineer Leadership Academy

Mountaineer Leadership Academy is a four-year leadership curriculum that progresses through the Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior academic years, identifying specific qualities of leadership development relative to the student’s interest of study to establish a foundation of leadership to be applied to the greater systematic whole.

Freshmen Year: Self-Leadership

The Freshmen year focuses on students’ exploration of leadership. An awareness of different leadership theories is established to create a foundation of leadership that students can build upon. Students will begin to clarify a personal leadership philosophy built from an understanding of leadership responsibility and reflection of personal core values.

The Freshmen Year is created as a Living Learning experience to allow students to share experiences and assist each other in their leadership development.

Sophomore Year: Community Leadership

The Sophomore year focuses on building upon a students’ leadership development through establishing an understanding of leadership involvement within a community. The importance of a leader’s systematic connection within a community is developed as students begin to clarify different responsibilities leaders have within a community. Communication, responsibility, and connection to the systematic well-being of the community are established as a fundamental leadership quality for student leadership development.

The Sophomore Year is created as a continued Living Learning experience to allow students to engage in continued interactions within a familiar community to communicate and understand the implementation of personal leadership philosophies in a community.

Junior Year: Collaborative Leadership

The Junior year focuses on expanding community leadership into collaborative leadership. The expansion of leadership across boundaries into different communities builds upon students understanding of community leadership by providing opportunities to expand leadership skills and attributes across boundaries to broaden the systematic whole established through partnerships with other communities.

The Junior Year is created as a continued leadership learning community. As a continued leadership learning community, students work together to engage in collaborative initiatives that partner with other communities toward the development and understanding of collaborative leadership.

Senior Year: Legacy

The Senior year focuses on empowering students to lead. Students will continue to develop as leaders by engaging in different initiatives that sustain the continued development of leadership by serving the community.

The Senior Year is created as a continued leadership learning community. As a continued leadership learning community, students work together to establish a continued venue for leadership learning and development. Students will engage in collaborative efforts to service leadership development within the Schreiner community.

Alumnus: Continued Support

A partnership with alumni will be established to create a culture of giving back to build a sustainable program and institution that will continue to impact the lives of students for years to come.

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