The Best Degrees that will Help you get a Job in the Government

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Federal, state and local governments are the largest employers in the country. Some people forego more money in the private sector for job security in the public sector. Most have a commitment to public service. Governmental entities hire many degreed individuals, many of whom do at least a portion of their studies online. Some of the best degrees for getting government jobs follow.


The government needs accountants and auditors the same as private sector businesses need them. They manage public accounts and perform financial statements and audits the same as they would be doing in the private sector. They might also investigate white collar crimes. A bachelor’s degree in accounting will open the door to many government agencies.

Information Technology

IT careers with municipal, state and federal governmental entities have increased dramatically in the last 20 years. Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, the IRS, NASA, the Department of State and all military branches require the involvement of information technology specialists at both bachelor’s and master’s levels.


Diplomats work in the federal government’s Department of State in a wide range of roles. Many employees work in over 270 embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions across the globe. Degrees are required for these jobs. Online degrees in diplomacy are attainable through highly reputable and accredited universities. Specialized knowledge and training in health, economics, banking or finance can enhance diplomatic employment opportunities.

Public Health

This is a rapidly growing area of employment in the public sector. There is a new emphasis on prevention rather than treatment, and that helps keep overall healthcare costs down. Because public health professionals rely heavily on data, biostatisticians are hired on federal, state and local levels. Other opportunities await in the public health branches of global and community health, epidemiology, environmental health.

Criminal Justice

Federal, state and local law enforcement careers are continually available. Once in any of these agencies, other doors open from agency to agency until you get to where you want to go. The largest number of federal law enforcement personnel are employed by the Homeland Security and Justice Departments, both domestically and overseas. The Department of Homeland Security alone employs over 180,000 individuals. Other federal law enforcement careers exist in the CIA, Customs and Border Patrol and Environmental Protection Agency.

Federal, state and local governments continue to have employment opportunities for individuals with suitable degrees. Careers range from accounting to zoology. Federal, state and local governmental agencies will remain the largest potential employers for career seekers.

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