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The Texas Center at Schreiner University is dedicated to the task of embracing the heritage and culture of the Lone Star State while also preparing students for future leadership here. To that end, the Texas Learning Community will use the tools of the Texas Center—including Buffalo Gap Sound and Light Studios, State House Press, and Bear Leader Tours—to learn practical, real-world skills that will apply to nearly any major.

To start, members of The Texas Learning Community will begin their journey with a special section of First Year Seminar where they will write—and produce—a half hour program about topics that relate to the past, present, and future, of Texas. Their work will be mounted on YouTube for all of the world to see and will start them on the creation of a professional portfolio that will position them well for future employment. The creation of these videos will expose students to:

  • On camera work
  • Video editing
  • Studio management
  • Production management

Students who excel in this environment will be invited to serve as assistants for future projects that involve the Texas Center at Schreiner University. These may include working with State House Press to manage publishing projects, set up book signings, or other promotion work of our authors. There is always a role for students to help produce fresh content for the Texas Studies Program. There will be a need for a social media manager, YouTube and SoundCloud content management, and other internet adventures. Trip opportunities will abound.

Then, there is the Grand Tour of Texas. This adventure across the state is designed to take travelers on a comprehensive tour to learn the ground, and see the land, that is Texas. Even so, we won’t see it all, but we will get most travelers out of their “own neck of the woods” and let them see the vast expanse, and potential, of Texas. Our Texas Learning Community members will get to put their mark on this experience from planning and operations to sitting back and enjoying the ride.

Texas is big—and a really big deal economically, politically, socially, and culturally. Some would argue it is the best expression of the American experience. In that case, Texas needs the next generation of leaders step into the very large shoes of generations past and prepare to take their legacy into a bold new future.

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