Purposeful Lives

What is Purposeful Lives?

The Office of Purposeful Lives oversees civic engagement opportunities through Service-Learning, volunteerism, and leadership experiences. This office works closely with faculty to offer designated Service-Learning courses in a variety of disciplines. To find volunteer opportunities:

  • On-campus: follow Purposeful Lives on Instagram @SUServes.
  • Off-campus: check out JustServe.org which provides a bridge between volunteers and organizations. You can even search by location, project type or specific organizations.

Earn a Purposeful Lives Certificate

Earning a Purposeful Lives Certificate will better prepare you for engaging with and living out your personal civic responsibility. It will expand your civic engagement and volunteer service experiences both on and off campus. You can complete the certificate at your own pace, anywhere from one semester to four years. This certificate recognizes and honors Schreiner students who are civically engaged, helping them stand out among other university graduates. You will be able to demonstrate to future employers and graduate schools that you are prepared for today’s changing global society. Regardless of your major, you can pursue the Purposeful Lives Certificate.

Certificate Requirements

  • Experience
    • One designated Service-Learning course (a grade of B or higher)
    • Alternative: participation in one Service-Learning trip
  • Engagement
    • Complete 25 hours of volunteerism for every year you are enrolled as a student
  • Dissemination
    • A public dissemination regarding your experience/engagement.
  • Reflection
    • Reflection over the experience/engagement.

Ready to Apply for the Purposeful Lives Certificate?


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