Get a strong start towards a career in nursing from the very beginning. With one-on-one advising and peer study groups, the Pre-Nursing Learning Community will set you up for nursing school success. This group will learn about careers within nursing (like pediatric nursing and trauma nursing), will learn life saving techniques like Stop the Bleed, and will discuss ethical issues that nurses confront. If you want to be a nurse, this group is for you!

Schreiner University’s nursing program is committed to advancing the nursing profession through the holistic educational preparation of health professionals to develop and produce quality graduates. Nursing school can be a challenging path, but the support provided by Schreiner’s nursing program is dedicated to student success, proven by our 2020 BSN Graduate NCLEX Pass Rate of 100%! Small class sizes, dedicated nursing advisors, and a unique Health Professions Program, Schreiner is here to support our students on their journey into the Nursing profession.

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Purposeful Lives with Stephani Shumaker in Europe

Stephani Shumaker (Public Health) took trips to London, Paris & Taize, France, the Dominican Republic, Austria, Slovakia & Hungary, and Switzerland & Taize and second time as part of her Schreiner Experience. Watch her video to learn more.

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