Changing Global Society

Changing Global Society

What is Changing Global Society?

The Office of Changing Global Society oversees short-term and long-term study abroad and study away experiences for students, supports multicultural programming events on campus, and facilitates student exchanges with other universities. This office works closely with faculty and staff to organize meaningful events and valuable experiences for students, both domestic and abroad, that will aid students in developing a global perspective and engaging within our wider global society.

Earn a Global Perspective Certificate

Earning a Global Perspective Certificate will better prepare you for engaging within our increasingly connected global society. It will expand your cultural learning experiences both on and off campus. You can complete the certificate at your own pace, anywhere from one semester to four years. This certificate recognizes and honors Schreiner students who are culturally engaged, helping them stand out among other university graduates. You will be able to demonstrate to future employers and graduate schools that you are prepared for today’s changing global society. Regardless of your major, you can pursue the Global Perspective Certificate. For more information about Changing Global Society please contact Regina Gordon at

Global Perspective Certificate Requirements

  • Experience
    • Participation in a Schreiner University short-term trip or an individual semester abroad/away
    • As an alternative, one semester of language proficiency (a grade of B or higher)
  • Engagement
    • Participation in 2 cultural events on or off campus per year of attendance at Schreiner University
  • Dissemination
    • A public dissemination regarding your experience/engagement.
  • Reflection
    • Reflection over the experience/engagement.


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