The Official Guide to Schreiner One

Schreiner One can be very intimidating, especially if you’re a freshman figuring this out for the first time. Where do I pay my tuition? Where do I register for classes? Where do I add or drop a class? Who is my advisor? All these questions and more can be answered on Schreiner One.
On the Students page, you can find your:
-Current course schedule
-Current number of hours
-Year classification (freshman, sophomore, etc.)
-Degree type (BA, BS, BSN)
-Major(s) and minor(s)
-GPA projection calculator
-And CARES information
On the Home page we’ve got:
-Kerrville weather for the week
-A fun little picture of Weir with words over it saying “Welcome to Schreiner One, your personalized online connection for classes and campus information.”
-The Quick Connections tab (more info later)
-Schreiner Craigslist (jobs, rides, lost and found, selling things)
-A tax form (1098-T to be exact)
-And the Campus Resources tab (more info later)
Under the Quick Connections tab you’ll find:
-My Courses
-My Current Courses → Straight to Canvas
-My Schedule → Indirectly to Canvas
-My Advisor → My Academic Info page (previously seen on Student tab)
-My Degree Plan → Tells you which requirements you have/haven’t met for your degree
-Add/Drop Courses → Pretty self-explanatory
-My Finances
-What I Owe → your balance and CASHnet (how you pay for school)
-My Financial Aid→ all things financial aid
-Document tracking
-Instructions for accepting financial aid online
-Financial aid forms
-Contact info for the financial aid office
-My Campus
-Housing → all things housing
-Your residence information –> goes to your residence and room number
-Your roommates and their contact info
-Residence life announcements
-Meal Plans
-Student Activities
For Student Activities information, go to or look through the weekly newsletter that Ashley Reusser emails to all students.
For anything else, just explore.  Schreiner One is full of information you will need to succeed here. It is an overwhelming amount of information, but I believe in you. The Students tab and the Home tab will be your best friends during your Schreiner Experience.
By Rosy Murphy
Rosy Murphy