6 Tips and Tricks to Make Schreiner your School

Many Schreiner students struggle to get used to life at school. Here are 6 Tips and Tricks to make Schreiner your school.

  1. Go to activities!

There are many activities on campus hosted by SAB and RAs. These can be arts and crafts, games, or something like those. There are other groups as well, like bible studies and yoga groups. You get to relax and have fun PLUS you can widen your social circle!

  1. Get involved in a group!

The groups on campus will provide a community for you. Joining SGA, for example, you’ll see people from all over campus by putting on events. Becoming a campus minister will let you guide your peers in faith. Becoming an RA will put you in the rooms of all your neighbors. Joining a group will make you connected with your fellow students.

  1. Join a sport!

Some of the closest bonds you can find on campus are between teammates. Surviving long practices and the wins and losses of college level sports creates a community energy. Trusting that these people will have your back will make you close.

  1. Wave to people when you pass them!

It’s crazy how something as small as a wave can change things. People stick to themselves, so smiling and waving at people you’ve had classes with can make the campus feel more like a community.

  1. Take a class outside your major!

It’s easy to stick to friends inside your major, since you have all your classes with them. Try a new kind of class to mix up the people you have around you. If you are normally a biology kid, take an English course! If you’re an English kid, try history! I’d suggest English kids take biology, but as an English major I know that would end badly.

  1.  Hang out on campus!

There are many places on campus to just hang out. There are some nice, shaded spots by the seal. Weir has some cute little corners. The library is full of small spaces to hang out with people. In the CCAC, the Lion’s Den has tables, couches, and comfy chairs- not to mention foosball and pool.

By Rosy Murphy
Rosy Murphy