Labor Market Insights Announcement

Labor markets are rapidly changing with the transformation of industries. As a student, a knowledge of employment trends, skills lists, education requirements and salaries is essential to inform your career decisions, and prepare you for the job market. 

uConnect has developed the first labor market insight modules with Emsi that will reside on our website. Learn how this tool can help you make better career decisions!

Using the module, you can root your career decisions in data by understanding interactive employment trends, direct your academic experience towards a career by deep-diving into education levels, hard skills, and soft skills, and better understand compensation standards using data about annual earnings across industries and geographies. 

You can access this module in a few locations on our website. The first one is from the drop-down Resources, the second location is under Find Support, and lastly, within the Career Communities

From there, you can start by selecting keywords if you don’t know where you would like to start. Alternatively, you are able to filter for industry and occupation. 

For any given occupation, users can find information on:

  • Occupation description: an overview of the occupation

  • Core tasks: what’s required for the day-to-day of the occupation

  • Employment trends: historical and forecasted occupation demand data with a projected % change in demand over the next 10 years

  • Top employers: top employers hiring for the occupation

  • Education levels: typical education levels for employees in this occupation

  • Annual earnings: average salary for employees in this occupation

  • Technical skills: technical skills required for the occupation

  • Soft skills: soft skills required for the occupation

  • Job titles: typical job titles within the occupational field

Check it out!

By Wendy Blaettner
Wendy Blaettner Director of the Schreiner Experience